Registration & Abstract Information

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and associated uncertainties related to planning the conference, the registration below will need to be confirmed after registration is closed.

After registration deadline final participation has to be confirmed by paying the registration fee. If we cannot accommodate all registered participants (under normal circumstances we could host about ~100 participants, likely less given Covid-19 safety measures) we will have to make a selection. Participants will be selected foremost by date of registration, but we will consider other factors, such as research theme, career status, gender, and further diversity measures.

The registration form below will send you a confirmation email that you will be able to edit until the registration deadline by clicking a link in the email. If under usual circumstances you would want to participate, we suggest that you register now and update your registration and abstract information before the deadline (keep the confirmation email). We will send a reminder to those registered some time in advance.

Important Dates

Registration deadline 15 April 2022

Registration (fee) confirmation 30 April 2022

Conference dates 4–8 July 2022