Rocky Worlds II, 4–8 July 2022

Conference Venue

The meeting will take place in-person in the Martin Wood complex at the Clarendon Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Oxford. For accessibility instructions and directions to the Clarendon Laboratory please visit this webpage: For finding your way around Oxford please have a look at the Map of Oxford. For travel information access Travel.

COVID-19 Precautions

  • We encourage all in-person attendees to get their vaccination booster shots, do a lateral flow test before attending the conference, and to wear their masks during the talk sessions while being in the lecture hall.

  • The Martin Wood Lecture Hall is equipped with a CO2 monitor for us to be able to observe the situation. It had a new ventilation system installed in the last year that increases air flow into and out of the lecture hall.

  • Governmental policies forbid us to restrict university events to vaccinated people, nor can we enforce a strict mask mandate during the conference. In order to accommodate the situation, we will restrict the maximum number of conference attendees, so that participants will be able to spread out from each other.

  • Breakout rooms and poster and coffee sessions are being spread out across multiple corridors and rooms to avoid over-crowded areas as much as possible.

  • Please do let us know if you have any concerns or questions about this situation.

Martin Wood Complex

Entrance to Beecroft building & Clarendon Laboratory

Lecture Theatre

Main lecture hall for the workshop

Beecroft Physics Building

Entrance hall of Beecroft

Atmospheric Physics

Accommodation: Somerville & St. Hugh's College

The main accommodation for external conference participants are Somerville College and St. Hugh's College. The former will also host the conference dinner on Tuesday, 5 July 2022.

Somerville College

St. Hugh's College

Somerville Map

St. Hugh's Map